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I’m Micah.

Administrative superhero, proven organista, course-building champ and practicing writer.


Think of Micah M. R. Virtual Vantage as your trusty sidekick in the virtual realm, here to make your day smoother, your tasks simpler and your smile wider. My seamless blend of efficiency and expertise means you can say goodbye to overwhelming to-do lists and time-consuming tasks and hello to what matters most – elevating your business and that currently elusive leisure time.

Welcome to the world of virtual awesome; whether it's managing your inbox, schedule, travel, clients, systems and processes, socials, light accounting, special projects, strategic planning and implementation, or course building/launch (and more!) let’s chat, strategize, and create your virtual vantage.


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Creative Arts


of toronto

ba |art history

university of toronto

certificate | creative non-fiction*

*Recently long-listed for the Letter Review Prize for Creative Non-fiction.

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qc design school

certificate | staging/home organization

george brown

certificate | Construction project Management

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caitlin bacher

scale for success

course launch/build

marie forleo

b school


Jessie's - The June Callwood Centre for Young Women

Girl Guides of Canada

Castlebar Junior Public School


Project Management Principles & Practices, Specialization

Communication Strategies for a Digital Age

Writing and Editing Specialization

Canadian Wood FRame housing


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Alison Wearing

Best-selling Author and Performer | CEO

Memoir Writing Ink

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Shira Ben

Makeup Artist | Beauty Influencer | CEO

The Blush Parlour

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Jana Girdauskas

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Care Sinclair

Doula | Lactation Consultant | Educator

With Care

Notable Projects:

Launch of Memoir Writing Ink Course

The Period Purse

x Dymon Storage

Brick and Mortar location for The Blush Parlour

CSC Building Expo


The Amy Award

Writing Contest


Micah M Rodrigues (she/her)

Administrative Superhero. Proven Organista. Course Building Champ. Practicing Writer.

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​I am a former nanny, former EA (same job, different age groups) former parenting know-it-all, who now has 2 kids of her own (and eats her hat on the regular as a result). When I'm not parenting (haha, when are we ever not parenting?) I'm empowering small businesses at Virtual Vantage, hiking or reading about hiking, writing or reading about writing, figuring out the ins & outs of School Council, volunteering in and around Toronto, or tackling a home organization or design project.

I'm a frequent Facebook poster, wannabe (but never execute) Pinterester who would rather spend than craft, much to my husband's chagrin. I run on coffee, wine, sarcasm, family and a few good friends but don't actually run.

I’m married with kids, and we live in a little white house that's blessed with a big backyard and swimming pool but the world's smallest kitchen - and after almost moving to Portugal in June 2023 (that is a whole story on its own), are now preparing to renovate said small house. See the current design proposal HERE.

Most days you can find me with a coffee and the best of intentions, spreading kindness and finding ways to optimize, organize or automate anything and everything.